Frequently Asked Questions

We always welcome feedback from our users and customers. We really appreciate your business and we are working hard to make ongoing improvements to the Trade Show Results Multiplier. Please email us with any questions or comments and we will sort through them and do our best to get them answered and make any improvements we can.

Thanks !!

Noah Katz & The Trade Show Results Multiplier Team

When will the powerpoint presentation option be up and running?Thank you for asking…the powerpoint presentation option will be up in the newest release, which we expect early in the first quarter of 2012. Users will be able to select which information (right from the app) that they would like to include in powerpoint. They can also select from several powerpoint layouts (right from the app). Then, the user selects "generate presentation" and the powerpoint presentation will be emailed to the user.
Can I use the professional version at more than one trade show?Thanks for asking. Yes, when you purchase the profesional version, you may use it at an multiple trade shows. This will allow you to have a simple capture tool, right on your pda or ipad, where you can retrieve all the items you entered at your past trade shows. You can also re-email your "To do" items and presentations from past trade shows.
Can Trade Show Organizers send in lists of exhibitors, speakers, and educational seminars so that these items can be pre-loaded into the app for a particular trade show.The short answer is yes. We encourage trade show organizers to contact us directly and we will work with them to upload their data so that their particular trade show app users can easily choose and view the data. Then, we can private label the app just for that particular trade show.
Will the app be available for Droids?Yes, we expect the software to be available in the 2nd quarter of 2012.